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Standard Retail Cost-Sharing Pharmacy

A standard network retail pharmacy is a pharmacy that is covered by your plan and where you can have your prescriptions filled. Blue MedicareRx (PDP) has more than 63,000 pharmacies in its network nationwide.

CVS Caremark Mail-Order Pharmacy

If you like the convenience of having your prescription drugs delivered, you may utilize the CVS Caremark Mail-order pharmacy. Overall, your costs for a 90-day supply of prescriptions ordered through our mail order service will be lower than what you will pay for a 90-day supply at a network retail pharmacy.

Note: Not all prescriptions are available at mail order.

Find a pharmacy using our Pharmacy Locator

Click on your plan to find a network pharmacy near your home or wherever you travel.


  • You must use a network pharmacy to receive prescription drug coverage on covered drugs.
  • If you fill a prescription at a pharmacy that is not part of the network, you may have to pay more.
  • There are certain circumstances for which you can obtain benefit coverage for a covered drug not filled at a network pharmacy. See the out-of-network section for more information.

Participating Pharmacies

  • At times, pharmacies listed in a paper directory may no longer participate in the Blue MedicareRx pharmacy network.
  • For updated information, please use the Pharmacy Locator by clicking on the blue Pharmacy Locator button.
  • The online pharmacy directory is updated weekly.

Supply of Prescription Drugs

  • You may use your plan benefit to purchase up to a 90-day supply of a covered prescription drug (at one time) at most retail pharmacies in our network.

Extra Help

  • If you receive Extra Help from Medicare to help pay for your prescriptions, you may not see a change in the amount of your cost-sharing at a participating network pharmacy.
  • The assistance you receive has already reduced your cost-sharing amount.
  • The pharmacy will receive the correct amount of member cost-sharing to apply.

A Blue MedicareRx pharmacy is never far from where you are.

Blue MedicareRx's coast-to-coast networks feature the household names you see here, many other leading regional pharmacy & grocery names, plus thousands of community-based independent pharmacies.

List of Network Pharmacies near you

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