Formulary (Drug List)

Mid-year Formulary Changes Initiated by
the Plan

We may add or remove drugs from our plan formularies during the year. We may also add prior authorization, quantity limits, and step therapy restrictions on certain drugs, as well as move a drug to a higher cost-sharing tier. If we update a plan formulary, we must notify members who will be affected at least 60 days before the changes take effect. To check if there are upcoming formulary changes, click the link below.

Other formulary changes not initiated by the Plan

In some situations, we have to immediately remove a drug from our formulary due to external reasons, for example, manufacturers discontinue the drug or the Food and Drug Administration deems a drug unsafe. If that happens, we will notify members as soon as possible. To check if there are any such upcoming formulary changes, click the link below.

Talk to your doctor

If a drug you take is being removed from your plan’s formulary, check with your doctor to see if you can transition to another drug. Review our transition process for more information.

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